The new ErP regulation has come into force for all lighting products on 1st September 2021. LEDYi lighting is already ready!

What does the new ErP regulation contain?

  • EU SLR – Single Lighting Regulation | Commission Regulation (EU) No 2019/2020 laying down ecodesign requirements for light sources and separate control gear. You can read the SLR in full here.
  • EU ELR – Energy Labelling Regulation | Commission Regulation (EU) No 2019/2015 laying down energy labelling requirements of light sources. You can read the ELR in full here.

Energy efficiency class

Total mains efficacy ηΤM (lm/W)


210 ≤ ηΤM


185 ≤ ηΤM < 210


160 ≤ ηΤM < 185


135 ≤ ηΤM < 160


110 ≤ ηΤM < 135


85 ≤ ηΤM < 110


ηΤM < 85

New energy efficiency requirements

EPREL: What lighting businesses need to know

Working with new energy labelling is now unavoidable for the lighting industry, so it’s worth familiarising yourself with its standard requirements for its use.

  • New energy labels cannot be publicised prior to 1st of September 2021
  • ALL applicable products, either on the market or intended to be placed onto the market, must be registered in the EPREL database if intended for the EU marketplace
  • ALL applicable products, either on the market or intended to be placed onto the market, must have the new energy rating label, suitable for the EU market and/or UK market
  • Energy Related Products (ERP) must be compliant to their respective efficiency regulations – for lighting – if it’s in scope – that’s the SLR.
  • As of 1st September, 2021, ONLY SLR compliant products can be placed on the market, or if already placed on the market they may continue to be saleable.
  • Data within the EPREL database must be fully complete in order for the item to be published as live – and therefore considered saleable.
  • Products on the market with incomplete EPREL registrations will be deemed non-compliant by market surveillance.

You can use the EPREL to register products here.

LED strips compliant with new ErP regulations

Lumiwise lighting are ready and have developed a range of LED strips that comply with the new ErP regulation, and they have a luminous efficiency of up to 170LM/W, and its energy efficiency class is C. Please see the product range below:

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